Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Pills

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, these pills will be easy to swallow!

Using various colors of fondant fill your pill mold. I also used some DECOgel to get pills that look like a Vitamin D or fish oil capsule.

DTC Molds Used:
Med - Pills

Icing Images products used:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Chocolate shells

Chocolate shells

Getting great looks shells is easy to do.

Start by melting white chocolate of choice.  Then finely chop some colors and milk chocolate. For these shells I did blue, green, purple and some milk chocolate.

Add in a selection of the chopped chocolate bits.  Do a quick stir and add to your piping bag.

Pipe the mixture into your molds.

Tap to remove any air bubbles.  Then let the molds cool.  You may place in fridge or freezer to shorten the wait time. 

Remove shells from the molds and enjoy! 

DTC molds used:
Beach4 - 4 pack Shells
Beach4 - Set of 3
Beach4 - Mini set of 9
Beach2 - Cut Shells 6 pack
Beach4 - Starfish Small2

Sugar Gypsy molds used:
Shells 1
Shells 10
Shells 11
Shells 18

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hearts for your Sweetie

Quick and easy heart cookies to make for someone special.

I couldn't decide between the red and the white background.  Which do you like?

To get the great crackle finish on the cookies use the directions from the "Warm Up with these Cute Snowflake Cookies!" blog.  To get the different shades of pink I used the same color of dust in just various amounts, adjusting water to get proper consistency.

For the flowers, I used the Rose Swag Pair mold and just put a fondant / modeling chocolate mixture in the spots I wanted.  I used one of the Sugar Shapers to make sure to really press the fondant/modeling chocolate mixture into the details.

Pressed green into the leaf sections.
Pressed pink into the rose section.  Didn't have enough pink so backed in white. 
The rose popped out!

To get the scrolls I used the Fancy Mini Scrolls mold.  To prevent distortion I placed the mold in the freezer for about 5 minutes prior to taking out.  Then lightly dust with silver highlight of choice. 

Playing with placement.  Decided I didn't like the silver on the white cookies after this test. 

DTC Products Used:
Rose Swag Pair

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Warm up with these cute snowflake cookies!

No matter how cold it is outside, warm up with these cute snowflake cookies!

Using the sugar cookie recipe of choice roll out your cookies to 1/4" thick and cut to shape.

Then brush on AmeriColor Bright White gel color -- yes, brush it onto the raw cut out cookie.

Yeah, I forgot to get a photo of the hexagon cookies.  Let's pretend I didn't screw up!

If you want a color, you can experiment with other gel colors but I found the best results achieved by mixing in a little petal dust to my AmeriColor white gel.

Once fully covered bake your cookies until just done.

In the above pic you will notice some colors didn't "crack" as well as others.  On those the mixture was a little too "thick".  To fix this I added a few drops of water to the white gel/petal dust mixture.

I then used a little royal icing to stencil on a snowflake.  The stencil I used came from The Colorful Cookie Company.  This is a great new company that is designing stencil files that you can download and cut your own stencils!

Next I embellished (and hid some of my sloppy stenciling) the cookies.  For the embellishments I used a 50/50 mixture of Satin Ice fondant and some modeling chocolate.  This mixture was used with the Snowman Trio mold and the  Winter Trio mold to create some adorable touches.

DTC Products Used:
Snowman Trio

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Isomalt Orbs

Check out our new half orb mold done in CakePlay isomalt!

After you pour in the isomalt quickly take a heated mini palette knife and run it over the mold to take off excess isomalt.  This is mostly needed for the very small cavities as they take less than a single drop of isomalt. 

The easiest way to get them out of the mold is to flip it over and peel back the mold.  

Oops, I bumped the design and they all slid together!

DTC Products Used:
Half Orbs

Cake Play

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To the Moon and back....

This new texture mat will help create a cake that is out of this world!

Select your colors for the background.  I used Artisan Accents gel colors Deep Purple and Sunshine Yellow and added a drop of the snow white to each, otherwise they did not show up on the black.  Trust me on that or you can run your own test.

There are also a variety of grey, black and white petal dusts to use on the cake.  The cornstarch and show white dust let me get additional shades of grey.  And one highlighter dust that I sprinkled onto the board for some shine.

Cover your cake board is a black fondant.  In small dishes place a few drops of the yellow and purple adding one drop of white to each.  Then thin down with a few drops of water.

Dip a toothbrush (one that has not been used in your mouth, please) into the colors and flick the brush to splatter the colors around.

For the cake I used a grey fondant, rolling it on top of the texture mat.  When done rolling pick the mat up and flip it over onto the table.  Then slowly peel the mat off the mat.

Drape the fondant over your cake and trim the excess.  Using the dusts help to create the shadows.  Mix the show white color with some water and use it to paint on some highlights.

Using a small sponge blend in the highlights.

DTC Products Used:
Crater Texture Mat