Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And we begin to Blog.....

I thought it might be fun to share what goes on behind the scenes of the business of making silicone and other Cake Art products -- From choosing an item to mold to the end sugar piece.   The objective of the blog will be to share information, tutorials, suggestions, photos and ideas from both a consumer and a manufactures view point. 

So where to start?  Since it's Spring, let's start with blossom and leaf veiners

It's always a rush this time of year to get new blossom and leaf veiners into production.  The blooms only have a limited time that they will hold up for veining, once they are too soft the impression will not hold.  Our DTC veiners are made from actual "real live" flowers.  I can't tell you how many beautiful flowers I have dissected to get the right size or structured petal. I also can't tell you how many blossoms have somehow found their way into my pockets from a nursery or a public garden. 

It may take several attempts to get both sides of the blossom or leaf to imprint.  I use Silicone Plastique® from Make Your Own Molds to do the bottom layer of the veiner and then DTC Silicone for the top layer.  Once both sides are completed, the veiner is ready to be added to the store inventory.

Here's a few of the new veiners for Spring 2010 --

Dogwood Petal, Centers and Leaf
Tree Tulip
Calla Lily and Calla Center
Snap Dragons (one of my favorite)

So this should give you a preview of some of the new spring items that are in the works - I plan on posting more information on each as they become available, including directions and pictures.

Hope to see you back soon!

Melissa -

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