Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaping Lizards!

Sandy Swart walks us through the process of making some great geckos for your reptile loving friends.

Sandy starts with 2 colors of fondant.
Make a log of your base color and add some stripes.

Gently press the fondant down into the mold.

Using a cell pin she pushes the fondant into the full cavity.

Make additional logs with stripes to fill in the other areas.

The full mold!

After a quick trip to the freezer to chill Sandy uses a needle tool to help start removing the gecko. Placing in the freezer helps the gecko to keep his shape will being removed from the mold.

Flip the mold over and gently remove.

Now isn't that one cute gecko!

You can then move the arms/legs into different positions.

A first birthday cake for Ava!
Close up on the cute candle holder.

A trio of geckos to help Garrett celebrate!

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  1. this is the cutest! In the past I have been afraid of fondant, but not anymore. I absolutely love your lizard! Thanks for posting so many pictures!

  2. Thank you for your pics and ideas! My son love lizards for some reason! :) Your a life saver!

  3. Great coloring on those lizards - nice technique.