Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andreea's Egg Designs

Who said Easter can't last all of April?  And with Mother's Day just around the corner, the designs and techniques that Andreea shows in the post below are sure to be a hit!

Instructions for Decorate the Cake Egg Designs

All the designs started out the same. They can be done in actually cake or what I did was just make “shells” out of fondant. If desiring a larger size, you can use the Wilton 3-D egg pan. For that I covered one side of the pan with plastic, rolled out the fondant and allowed to dry overnight on the outside of the pan. The next day, the fondant was carefully removed and placed on the INSIDE of the pan so the underside could dry. I decided to use the medium egg pans instead. It was difficult to get plastic on each compartment so instead I greased the back of the pan with shortening, rolled out the fondant and placed it on the forms. Do one at a time as you will need room in between the shapes to cut the excess. I first cut with a mini pizza wheel and then went back with an exacto knife for more precision. Again , allow to dry overnight and then remove gently and flip to dry in the inside of the pan. The more humid, the thicker the fondant…the longer the dry time. You can also use gum paste if desired.

I made a few white as that gives you more options on decorations but also can marbleize the fondant as I did on one of the eggs or make in a solid color. While the eggs where drying I also cut out the different plagues to use as bases. Most are Jem cutters as well as the strip cutters. These also need to dry overnight and then flipped over to dry the underside. For the scalloped plague, the design was cut out with a tip 12 again for add some extra detail. These can be a solid color or marbleized to your liking.

Now for the decorating… for the anniversary one, the Cameo 2B- rose stem mold was used. I molded it in solid white, allowed to dry and then colored with dusting colors. The banner was cut out and allowed to dry (Jem cutter) and then the words were retraced with silver and a paintbrush. This would be a great keepsake as well as a nice topper. Names or dates can also be added.

The marble base is decorated with the mini studded buckles mold. There were molded in grey and then once dried painted in silver dust with lemon extract for a deeper look. If I wanted gold, I would have started with a yellow or orange paste to help deepen the color of the gold. A thin strip of fondant was then cut and weaved through the buckles. You can also use gum paste or real ribbon if desired. The center mold is the Cameo 1B-misc. flower #1. You can hand paint it like I did with the rose mold but I chose to color it silver and you can how that makes the intricate design just pop. This would be a great idea for a handwritten message or wishes. You can also do it across the top of a cake or a “shoe box”.

Next project is a little more “modern”. Black stripes were cut with the strip cutter and glued on. A larger size oval was cut from black and the same cameo rose mold was used again. Quick, easy and elegant. The last 2 projects use the finding long oval flat center mold. On one of the eggs, I molded the piece and then while it was still moist enough to cut, I used an exacto knife to trim out the inside oval. What that does is allow the color from underneath to show through. Design piece was dusted with luster dust and then placed on the egg itself in order to dry in that position. A bottom border of tiny pearls completed the look.

The turquoise and lime green was a fun one. I love the color combination on this. Base was cut and allowed to dry on both sides. Then the egg was glued to base and 2 thin stripes were added for detail. Finishing touch was the orchid carved mold in lime green.

The last showpiece is my favorite…guess because it’s for my niece Nicole but still. This one I purposely did without cake. Egg was molded as usual. Plague was cut out and inside oval was left intact. The edges were painted with gold luster and lemon extract and placed on the egg to dry to keep its shape. Once the piece was dry, I went back with a food marker and wrote her name. Now here is why this is my favorite. This piece will actually be her place card seating at the Easter table. So she has something pretty to look at with her name on it BUT when she lifts off the egg…there’s a surprise of candy underneath so it serves a few purposes included continuing my title of the best Auntie Day Day in the world. No matter how old they get…the love still grows and grows.

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