Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mystery project- Shoe #3 and Carved Rose

Another DTCPUG Project!

These are two beautiful molds that I decided to use with melted candy. The shoe has wonderful detail in the decoration and would look fantastic with any other edible material as well. The carved rose mold is very delicate in the center and I would be afraid it would lose some of its impressive dimension using fondant or gumpaste, but would be amazing in Isomalt (I just ordered my first package of venuance pearls and can't wait to give them a try!)
Supplies I used:
Shoe #3 and Carved Rose silicone molds

White and Pink candy melts

Plastic decorator bags

Pearl and Pink luster/pearl dusts


Work surface/ silicone mat

There are a few different methods for melting candy and you probably already have your favorite. I have been happy with putting the candy in the plastic bag on a folded paper towel in the microwave for 30-45 second intervals until melted.
I quickly filled the mold and tapped it several times on the counter to release any trapped air bubbles before setting in the freezer. While my white candy was still melted in the plastic bag, I filled the rose mold as well. I think my biggest challenge was time management and trying to get as many pieces done as I could using just the two molds without too many reheats in the microwave. I did read about using a heating pad under the silicone mat in other tutorials, but was happy to find out that the candy set quickly enough in these molds that I was able to get several set before the decorator bag of candy hardened.

After the candy was set, I gently released the mold by pulling it away from the piece working around the edge a little at a time.

I then used a blade to trim off the excess candy for a clean look.

For my particular project, I wanted to use the shoe as a cake topper, so I added two lines of melted candy on the back to adhere toothpicks. While the white was still melted, I filled another shoe mold to make a matching pair.
For the rose mold, I made sure to squeeze the candy using the tip of the bag into the tiny crevices. This mold needed a bit more tapping on the counter and had more bubbles, but I was successful at getting them out before placing in the freezer.

Again, I worked carefully to release the candy from the mold. From the sound of it, you would swear it must be ripping the mold, but are pleasantly surprised when it remains intact after releasing the rose.

I loved the detail of the shoe so much, I wanted to see it in pink as well since the pictures didn't really show off the beauty and detail of the white molded shoe.

My molded pieces needed for my cake. How about some pearl dust?

I used a dry brush to apply the dust to the candy. You can mix the dust with water, lemon extract or alcohol such as vodka or a clear schnapps for more of a paint, but this worked out great for the look I wanted.

Even happier with the pieces after a little pink to accent the white candy and a little pearl to shine up the pink candy. I placed the white pair on the cake top using the toothpicks and used the roses for a border around the bottom of the cake along with the pink shoe with a dab of buttercream to adhere to the fondant and it was done :)

I enjoyed this project especially since I received a mystery mold that I probably wouldn't have ordered for myself but was very pleased with the outcome :)

Thanks! Sam

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