Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tiara and Tassels

The next project is a wonderfully detailed tutorial by Robin Pennington showing the tiara and tassel mold -- Thank you SO MUCH Robin for this project!

Supplies needed for the Tiara are: Fondant, Gum paste, or a mix of the two, cutting tools, rolling pin, mat or board for cutting, Isomalt or hard candies, and DTC Tiara mold.

To make jewels I started out by breaking a couple of Isomalt sticks in a silicone cup. Melt sticks in microwave in 15 sec intervals until melted. Stir gently with tooth pick to remove air bubbles.

Pour Isomalt into mold where jewels are located. I used both sides of mold to get all jewels. Set aside to harden. I did this step a day before I started fondant part of Tiara so Jewels could harden. I then removed them and set them aside.

For Tiara roll fondant out flat with rolling pin to desired size. Place on mold and add top part of mold. Press down top with moderate pressure.

Trim excess fondant around edges of mold. You can trim more off after you remove from mold to get a cleaner look.

You can also cut out parts of Tiara to give it that realistic look. This is optional and you can choose what parts you want to remove.

This gives you an idea of how it will look with parts removed.

To achieve the shape of a real tiara place standing up around a glass, bowl or in my case a fondant bucket. Let dry for several days until hard. When using straight fondant you should give it at least a week to set up. If you add tylose powder your tiara will be dry in a few hours. Gum paste and a 50/50 mix will also set up faster.

To get this look I painted the Tiara with petal dust mixed with alcohol and added the jewels by wetting the location of where the jewel will be placed and sticking Isomalt jewel to tiara.

If your wanting to achieve a tassel look to your pillow cakes the DTC tassel mold is quick and easy to give your cake a realistic look.

Supplies you will need include fondant, cutting tool, rolling pin, petal dust, and DTC tassel mold.

Place log shape fondant into mold.

Roll or press flat into mold.

Gently pull tassel from mold.

Trim off access fondant. leave plain or color with petal dust of food color. Add to cake with small dowels or tooth picks and a dab of frosting.

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