Thursday, October 9, 2014

Building Block Cupcakes

Build some great cupcakes for your next party.

Use the Small Building Block Texture Mat and fondant color of choice.

Roll out the fondant evenly across the mat.  Be careful when rolling to get a smooth impression - if the fondant shifts you can get a double impression.  If it keeps slipping you can use a fondant smoother and direct pressure down on the fondant. 

When finished, flip the mat over and peel back off the fondant.  See on the side area where there is a double impression from the fondant slipping?  Use a circle cutter (we are showing some with a circle cutter and a fluted circle cutter) to cut out discs from the center area.  Let them dry for a few days to hold their shape.

For the building blocks, use the building block mold and fondant or gumpaste.  Take a smooth ball of fondant and press into the mold cavity.

Smooth out the fondant while pressing into the mold to get a good impression.  I like to use my rolling pin for this step.

Using a palette knife or tool of choice, remove the excess.

Clean up the edges.

Invert the mold and pop out the building block.

Arrange onto cupcakes!

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