Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Gifts From The Sea" Starfish and Shell Tutorials

It is my privilege to share some ideas, tips and projects that is all about edible decorating here at DTC Blog. My name is Joanne Wieneke and I own a cake garden in my yard called The Little Cake Patch, LLC. This will be the first time that I shall be doing web tutorials. Last year, I discovered DTC and instantly became a fan! I fell in love with excellent customer service and the quality of the products they carry and the simple joy of becoming their customer….

My first tutorial talks about some techniques and ideas using their Beach Molds, specifically the Starfish and Shell Silicone Molds.

"Gifts From The Sea"
Starfish and Shell Tutorials

White Chocolate Starfish and Shells
Materials and tools needed :
Beach molds, I have 2 kinds of Starfish and one shell
White chocolate, 1/2cup , melted and tempered
Artist palette
2 Paint brushes, soft hair , flat or filbert
Pearl dust, pink luster dust, gold dust
Small amount of vodka
Linen box lined with paper towel

Temper the chocolate and pour a sufficient amount in the center of the silicone mold. Tap the mold to take out air pockets from the chocolate, tapping will also spread the melted chocolate down the arms of the starfish or in any edges of the shell. Scrape off the excess chocolate using a spatula.

Cool in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or until the chocolate sets. Carefully release the chocolate from the mold and trim sides of the shell carefully. Repeat the process until you have collected 12-24 pieces of starfish and shell chocolates.
Finish the chocolates by blending pink luster dust and gold dust , if the dust does not adhere, dab the brush with vodka and blend the gold and luster until you get the effect desired. Using the other clean brush, blush the entire starfish/shell surface with pearl dust to give a nice pearly sheen.

Place the painted chocolates in a linen box lined with paper towel and store in a cool dry place until ready to be served or packaged.

Starfish and Shells Gumpaste Charms

Materials and Tools:
Pastry scraper or offset spatula
Luster dust, gold dust, pearl dust
Paint brush, soft, flat or filbert
small amount of vodka

Knead small amount of gumpaste until it becomes soft and pliable and form it to a ball. Rub a small amount of shortening in the mold cavity and position the gumpaste ball in the center of the starfish mold cavity. Press the ball hard to ensure that the gumpaste has reached the bottom center and carefully stretching the gumpaste with your thumbs to fill in the arms of the starfish making sure that you pressed enough for the gumpaste to acquire the details of the mold. Trim the edges by taking out excess gumpaste using a plastic scraper or a metal spatula. After trimming, even and smoothen the bottom surface by rubbing your fingers on the gumpaste.

With a toothpick, score the middle of the starfish arms , then scoring it again this time with a fine cris cross pattern to resemble a groove and suckers in the bottom part of the starfish.

When done, carefully release each arm out of the mold holding the mold bottom side down gently until the whole starfish releases itself out of the mold. Get the toothpick and poke a good small sized hole in one of the arm’s tip. This hole will be used to string the starfish. Let the starfish set for a minimum of 3 hours but it is best to play with them after 24 hours.
Embellish and paint the gumpaste starfish the way you have painted the chocolate starfish and shells. If you used some vodka to paint the gumpaste, let the starfish/shells dry up before stringing the pieces.

These beautiful starfish and shell chocolates can be simply placed on a nice platter for dessert (tip: you can flavor the chocolate with mint, if desired) .

If you are giving it as a gift, arrange the chocolate shells and starfish in a clear box and sprinkle some pearl dragees over before sealing the box, tie it with a bow and hang some starfish and shell gumpaste ornaments.

If you have any questions regarding the tutorial please email me at or contact Decorate the Cake.
Thank you and have fun decorating!!!!