Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lace Press

Hi this is my first time posting. Until about a year ago I didn't even know about using molds to create wonderful embellishments for cakes. I learned about this blog and store from a friend of mine and then attended an ICES day of sharing where some of Decorate the Cakes molds were used.

For the lace molds I am showing you today I chose to use Fondant for one and chocolate for another. First up the Fondant.

You will need a lace mold, fondant, a rolling pin, sharp knife, and a mat to roll your fondant on.

Knead fondant until soft and roll out to about 1/4 th of an inch thick with rolling pin.

Place back of mold on top of fondant and trim fondant to fit.

Lay fondant into front part of mold.

Place back onto fondant and press down using rolling pin making sure back of mold doesn't slip as you apply pressure.

Remove back of mold and gently remove fondant piece by either lifting out or turning over mold.

Use a sharp knife to clean up edges of your fondant piece.

You may now enhance your piece by airbrushing, hand painting on color or using luster dust or other embelishments.

For my second mold I decided to try using melted chcolate. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I thought I would give it a shot.

For this project you will need your lace molds, cooking spray, melting chocolate ( I used the wilton chocolate discs but I am sure any melting chocolate would work just as good.) a plate to place mold on, a container for chcolate so that you can easily pipe it into mold and either a tool, knife, or tooth pick for cleaning off excess chocolate.

First off I lightly sprayed the molds with cooking spray so that the chocolate would be easy to remove.

I then placed the mold onto a plate so that the mold would be stable for placing into the refrigerator to set chocolate.
After melting chocolate I place it in a squirt bottle so that it will be easier to get into all the small places of the mold without air bubbles. Gently squeeze bottle and fill mold with chocolate. (note: Fill mold about 2/3 full so that when you place back onto mold you don't have a huge amount of choclate ooze out. I learned this one the hard way :)
Place back onto mold and gently push it into place. DO NOT push it all the way down as this will cause your chocolate to be too thin and it will brek during the unmolding. ( Also learned this one the hard way) Push just enough so that imprint will be on back of piece and give shape to your final product.
Use a tool or tooth pick to remove excess chocolate from around the edges. This will make unmolding much eaiser.

Place mold into refrigerator for a few minutes to allow chocolate to set up. Remove mold from refrigerator and gently remove mold backing. Gently lift chocolate out of mold and trim edges with sharp knife.


  1. Is there a way to make these pictures bigger? I would LOVE to see the detail in the chocolate piece!