Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bridal Motif Lace

A special thanks to Renea Feagin for the latest blog posting. Learn some tricks to using one of our lace molds! 

Lace Press Tutorial

By Renea Feagin, Baked Expressions

Tools needed:  fondant/gumpaste mix, DTC Lace Press mold, fondant roller

1.        Roll out fondant/gumpaste to about 1/8” thick or down to a 2 or 3, using a pasta machine. 

2.       Lay the fondant/gumpaste over the mold.

3.       Position the silicone lace over the mold, matching up the pattern.  Press into place.

4.       Continue pressing the silicone lace into the mold, using a small fondant roller.


5.       Gently, start peeling away or removing the excess fondant/gumpaste from the mold.

6.       Once excess removed, it should look like this. 

7.       If there is a little fondant/gumpaste sticking over the outline of the mold, just push it back in the mold so that there is no fondant/gumpaste over the outline.  This will prevent you from having to trim the finished lace.

8.       Flip the mold over and bend it at the end or corner and allow the lace appliqué to fall out and release from the mold.

a.       At this point, you can use the mold as one piece or cut out desired portions of the lace appliqué

9.       Brush the back of the mold with water.  Do not over apply the water.  The appliqué should be “tacky” to the touch but not too wet.


10.   Place the lace piece on an iced cake and decorate as desired.

Finished Product!

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Products Used:
Bridal Motif Lace Mold


  1. Do you recommend fondant lace on buttercream icing?

  2. It will work on buttercream and fondant.