Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cameos and Cupcakes for Mother's Day

Check out the amazing display created by Jeannie Gearin using some of the new cameo molds and the ribbon roses.  

Of course, a day off from cooking is in order for Mother's Day. A special dessert table just for Mom is an even better treat. The traditional colors of pink and blue, reminiscent of the early days of childhood, are always a favorite of mine.

An "M" for Mom and a sugar peony grace the cake centerpiece.

Sugar cookies are adorned with a detailed floral cameo. The small areas are easier to fill using a small cel stick and then a few minutes in the freezer helps the mold release. A crimper finishes the edge of the fondant circle.

Oval sugar cookies each topped with a different cameo and framed with a molded setting.

Luster dust brings out the detail of the flowers. No sprinkles are needed on this cupcake.

Because so many of my pearl molds, make better single pearls than strings of pearls, that is what I use them for now. They come out very evenly that way.

Ribbon roses are so pretty and versatile.
Making them from a mold goes very quickly. 

 A close-up of the flower cookie.

Oval petit fours are topped with cameos. I find the easiest way to make petit fours is to press cake pop dough into a small square pan to the desired height. Freeze for about an hour. Then cut out desired shapes. Glaze with poured fondant.

I hope you have picked up some ideas for your Mother's Day table. Or maybe, someone will make one of these treats for you!

Jeannie Gearin  Check out her blog

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