Friday, June 22, 2012

Ambulance Paramedic Bag using DTC Zipper Mould

Jo Marshall-Orr lends her talents to the DTC blog show off the zipper mold and her amazing talents.

I made this bag using the DTC Zipper mould - I found it a fantastic way to get definition and it looked so real I was asked many a time if I had used real zips.
This mould is really easy to use with this simple tutorial
Equipment: DTC Zipper Mould, rolling pin, stitching tool, Fondant knife, white fat & 50/50mix of Fondant/Gumpaste
Very lightly grease mould with white fat
Roll 50/50 Fondant/Gumpaste  into a log same approximate length of mould

Squish 50/50 mix into mould
roll over with rolling pin to smooth & get good definition
Scrape off excess using a fondant knife
Place in freezer for 5-10 minutes this helps alot in de-moulding anything from silicone
De-Mould I start at the thicker end
Flip the Mould over & place zipper onto backside this makes it easy to remove after
Using the stitching tool add a deeper impression along the zip
Doesn't this look so real! I love this mould.
As shown in the photos I then used a little rectangle of the same colour of the cake & using the stitching tool made a piece to fit over the ends of the zip for a sewn in look.

Hope you enjoy this mould as much as I do
Jo from Ciccio Cakes
To get the effect of the 2 zippers joining just fold under the end bits and use the stitching between them 

Product Used:
Zipper - Closed

Also Available:
Zipper - Open

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