Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get Out of the Dog House!

This cake is sure to let you out of the dog house!

It is a pretty simple cake -- but the spiked dog collar bottom border puts it over the top.

Roll out a length of fondant to the size for the mold.

Lay the fondant on top of mold cavity and press in.  To get the fondant into the spikes you will need to really push it in.

Use a rolling pin to smooth down the back of the mold.  Take a small knife and trim off the excess.

Pop in the freezer to harden -- this is necessary to get the spikes out intact.  Have a bowl of ice cream while you wait!

Turn the mold upside down and gently roll up.  As you come to each spike, gently stretch the mold to pop it out.  I accidentally ripped one off - while it was still frozen I put it in place with a touch of gum glue and it stayed affixed just fine.

Get some supplies out to dust the spikes!  I mixed a little of Albert Uster's gold dust with vodka.

Paint the spikes.

Products Used:
Spiked Dog Collar
Doggie Assortment
Paw Print Texture Mat

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