Friday, July 12, 2013

I've Been Framed!

Need a way to sparkle up a frame?  Check out the new shimmer isomalt options from Cake Play!

First we gathered our supplies -- we used the new
* pearl isomalt
* bronze isomalt
* silicone cups
* Pearl Frame mold

Melt your isomalt in the microwave in 30 second intervals until melted.  Some microwaves will take longer and other less time - so watch it carefully so you don't burn it.

Love the way the shimmers look when melted.

Very carefully pinch the sides of the silicone cup to create a pour spout.  Then pour a small dollop into each of the pearl cavities.  Don't worry if you get a little drop outside of the pearl - once slightly set you can use a toothpick to snatch that out.

Here I am getting some stray bits of isomalt out of the cavity with a toothpick.
Wait until the pearl color has set slightly so they don't blend.  Pour the bronze evenly over the back of the pearl.

Yes! That is my Icing Smiles shirt I'm wearing!

All pretty and swirly!

Allow the isomalt to fully cool.  Then gently turn the mold over and release the frame.

Ours came right out!  If it needs some coaxing make sure the isomalt is cool.  If it is cool then you can use a toothpick to encourage it to release.

Love the sparkle!

DTC Products Used:
Pearl Frame mold

Get your own Icing Smiles Shirt!

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