Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beautiful Marbled Koi Fish

To create this cute koi fish we used CakePlay isomalt nibs in orange,pearl and a black.  Start with the orange and pearl, melt the two colors in separate cups in the microwave.  Start in 15 second increments stopping to check the progress and stir with a bamboo skewer.  After the isomalt is removed from the microwave, give a few quick stirs.  If the isomalt was boiling wait until it cools a bit before continuing.  You want the isomalt to flow well but not be so hot the two colors blend into one solid color.

Drizzle in the orange isomal in random spots through the mold.  It should flow well but not immediately all pool to the bottom. See the drop staying in place on the edge as well as the parts on the "fins"?  If it is too hot they flatten more and flow to the bottom.

Then alternately pour in some of the pearl,. in random locations.  Repeat back and forth with the pearl and orange until the mold cavity is full.  

Set the mold aside to completely cool.  I use the end of a skewer to test the isomalt, if it dents it is still too warm.

Invert the mold and remove the koi fish.  

In a small cup meld a few black nibs then using the end of a bamboo skewer, dip the skewer into the isomalt to get a small amount.  If the isomalt is too hot at this point it will drip right off the skewer.  Once it has set a bit, use the skewer to dot a small amount of black onto the eye area of the koi.   

DTC Products Used:
Koi Fish

CakePlay Products Used:
Orange Isomalt Nibs
Pearl Isomalt Nibs
Black Isomalt Nibs

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