Friday, May 30, 2014

Dragonfly, leaves and flowers.....oh my!

Creating a a two tone dragonfly.

For the body I used CakePlay purple isomalt nibs mixed with a few of the CakePlay pearl isomalt nibs.  Carefully pour down the center of the mold.

Then using the pearl nibs pour in the wing area.

Go back and fill in the body.

To remove the dragonfly, turn the mold over and peel back off the isomalt.

Creating a quick flower!

Using the 5 petal flower mold, pour the isomalt into the half that is concave.

Fill it approximately half full.  This one is a little under filled.  Play with the amount of isomalt you use to get different looks on your flowers.

Place the top onto the mold lining up the notches.  Gently press down on mold.  If any isomalt oozes out use a bamboo skewer to knock off the excess.

Allow the mold to set for approximately  3-4 minutes.  Gently lift the top off.  The isomalt will stick to one side.

Whichever side the isomalt sticks to, pick it up and flex the mold to remove your flower.

Blurry photo -- it did not want to focus on the pearl sheen.

Creating some leaves.

Pour the isomalt onto one half of the leaf mold.  You can go thin or thick on this....again, just play with different amounts.

Coax the isomalt to the edges of the mold.

Lay the second half of the mold on top and gently press.  Knock off any drips that ooze out of the mold.

 Timing will depend on how thick you poured the isomalt.  I like to pull it out while it is still soft so that I can shape it a bit.

If you place it on its side you can then shape and let them cool.

DTC Products Used:
5 Petal Blossom
DTC Alstoermia Leaf Veiner

CakePlay Products Used:
Purple Isomalt Nibs
Green Isomalt Nibs
Pearl Isomalt Nibs

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