Monday, June 9, 2014

Creating an Isomalt Pond

Today we will make the base pond and add the elements created in previous blog posts to get a great little pond scene.  

First use some aluminum foil, you will want to use a non-stick foil or if you do not have a non-stick foil use foil that you spray with cooking spray and then lightly wipe the excess off leaving a thin layer of spray.  

Wrinkle the foil up a bit, then smooth it back out.  The wrinkles add additional dimension to the back side of the isomalt.  Next manipulate the foil to build a dam to keep the isomalt contained when pouring out the pond.  Place the foil onto a silpat to help protect your workspace.

I used CakePlay Blue Isomalt Nibs, but you could use clear and add blue food coloring.  Place the nibs in a microwave safe container with a pour spout to melt, warming in 15-30 second increments until fully melted.  Stir with a bamboo skewer and let sit to allow bubbles to dissipate.  Then pour the isomalt onto your prepared foil.  Maybe you can aim better than I do and actually keep it all in the dam.  

You don't have to fill the entire area -- this is just a guide.

Once the isomalt is fully cooled gently pull the foil away from your pond.  

Invert onto a silpat and peel back the foil.

Place the pond the cake board or a cake top.  Using isomalt as your glue start adding in all of the elements created from out previous blog posts.

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