Sunday, January 8, 2012

Isomalt Butterfly

The supplies:

- Silicone butterfly wing molds
- Isomalt stick from CakePlay
- Hot pot for melting isomalt from CakePlay
- Silicone cupcake liner - I use it to melt the isomalt but you can used whatever you normally use
- Toothpick - not shown
- Silpat - not shown

First I broke up the isomalt stick and placed it in the silicone cup. Microwave in 15-20 second increments until all melted. 

 Carefully pinch the silicone cup - be gentle and cautious so that you do not spill the hot isomalt on your fingers.  Pour a steady stream into the mold.

I found it necessary to gently coax the isomalt into the point of the mold.

Set mold aside for a bit to cool and firm up.

Once set and barely warm to the touch begin to gently pull the silicone away from the isomalt.

Gently dip the edges of the wings into the hot pot getting a little isomalt on each side of the butterfly wings.

Press the wings together over a non-stick surface - I used a silpat.  As you press them together the isomalt you gathered from the hot put will bunch between the wings creating a body for the butterfly.  

When you pulled wings away from the hot pot strings of isomalt will be drawn way from the pot.  I used bits of this to push into the still warm body and create the antennae.  Prop the wings up so they will be positioned how you want.

 A finished butterfly!

Products Used:
Butterfly - Monarch Wings Mold
Other Butterfly Molds:
Butterfly - Regular Wings Mold
Butterfly - Slim Wings Mold
Butterfly - Stained Glass Mold

Cake Play

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