Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lace it up!

A special thanks to Sherrie Ortiz for the latest blog posting.  Get some great ideas on using some of the favorite lace molds.

Posted by: Sherrie Ortiz.
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 This is the mold I picked to work into a draped lace border.  DTC Lace 2 Border-wide floral. I've really become a fan of Glenda's mold. They are so soft and easy to handle. I have some that I have made myself, they just don't compare to hers.

 Close up of this lace.
This is a nice size mold. It is long enough to cover a good distance without being difficult to manage.

You can see here where I added a small roll of fondant under the lace. I felt like it needed a bit of something to hold the lace away from the cake so I could get a batter draped look.

Roll out the fondant fairly thin. I used a Kitchen aid roller down to a 2. You want it thin enough to look like fabric. If it is thick it just won't look nice.  Lay the fondant into the mold, lay the top part of the mold on top of that.....  and trim the edges. Remove the top part and gently roll the edges with your finger towards the inside to clean the edges. Remove from mold.

Looks like this.
Flip over and paint with water. Remember less is more.

 Attach the lace with water pinching the top edge to get the folds. This is not hard. Just go for it. If you really mess it up take it off and do again. The biggest hint I can give is not to use too much water. It should only be tacky.... not wet.

For the next section place upside down on the table... wet a bit then fold in the right side just a 1/4 inch. This will remove the "raw" edge. When you pick it up that fold will be on the left. Attach it to the last section with water and drap them to look seamless.

Next the bottom edge needs a bit of help keeping it "fluffed" I used the paint brush and water under the edge to make it stick to the borad where I wanted it to stick.

TA DA!! Here is the finished cake. In hind sight I could have used this same lace mold for the swags on the 3rd tier down. It would have matched nicely. I used a texture pin. I could have also made a big bow out of this mold. The Lace on the second tier up is also from DTC... lace #1 Floral V spray. I really like that one too.   Yes the flowers are sugar. I made those.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.
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Products Used:
Lace Border - Wide Floral
Lace Floral V Spray


  1. Lovely! Can you give me any tips on how to get the fondant out of the lace molds without sticking? I have a few that I have been wanting to use, but every time I do, it just sticks in the mold. I've tried dusting the mold with cornstarch, with pearl dust...still, sticks like crazy. So frustrating.

  2. I hate Fondant will marzipan work as well?