Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3D Basketball

Thank you Sandy Swart for the great blog post for today!

Got a call late on Thursday night for a 3D basketball cake for the beginning of the next week.  I panicked.  I've never done a 3D round ball.  I tried talking the customer into half a 3D basketball but the daughter had her mind set on 3D.  They only wanted 15-12 servings.  After debating and deciding that the 6" sports ball pan was just too little.  I opted for using the Wilton Soccer Pan for my cake.

Wilton cake pans were designed for 1 cake mix.  I forgot about the cake companies' downsizing their cake mixes a few years ago. After I baked the cakes, I realized I would not have a round cake if I stacked them.  To get a sphere, I baked a 2" high 9" round cake pan to place in between to get the spherical shape that I wanted.  I did not want to have to carve a round sphere and opted to give the customer lots more cake (lots more---- like over twice as much cake as they needed.)  I just wanted to take the stress off myself.
Here is how I stacked and filled the cakes:

For supports I used a 3/8" dowel through the foam core and down into the triple thick cardboard on the bottom.  I also used 3 regular size straws for supports to hold up the foam core.  I didn't use bubble straw this time because they are so big they would weaken the cake and may cause it to split since they were in such a small space. I trimmed the bottom of the cake so that it was sitting on about a 3" diameter circle.  I didn't want my ball to roll away. 

I crumb coated the cake and allowed it to set overnight just in case the cake decided to settle.
The next day, I covered the entire cake with a crusting buttercream tinted a basketball color.   After it crusted slightly, I used the Texture Mat Lg2 - Football/Basketball Texture to texture the entire surface of the basketball.  Here is a close-up of the texture I achieved with the mat.

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Albums of my decorated cakes can be seen at:  http://flickr.com/photos/sewsweet2/sets

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  1. Wow..so realistic! Thank you for sharing!

  2. When I finished the ball, something just didn't look right to me. The next morning when I was looking at it, I figured out that one of the stripes should have curved back over the other. :( Too late to fix without messing up the buttercream and texturing. Next time, I'll know better.