Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brooches for Flower Centers

Use some little brooch molds to make some cute fantasy flowers for a cake.  

Tools Used:
Favorite brooch mold - We used Ruth Rickey's Brooch Mold 4
Flower formers
Ball Tool
Palette Knife
Coloring - We used Americolor Turquoise and Albert Uster Gold
Paint Brushes
Flower Cutters - We used FMM Rose cutters size 35 mm and 50 mm

Create all the brooches first. 

Make a small ball of fondant and make sure it is smooth then using your thumb, firmly press it it into the mold.  Using your palette knife trim off any excess then flexing the mold pop out your brooch flower center.  If the fondant soft it may distort -- if I'm worried this will happen I place the mold in the freezer for 3-5 minutes and then remove. 

 And your pretty brooch is ready to paint!

Use a little lemon extract or everclear mixed with your coloring to paint the brooch. 

Making the flowers:

Cut out your selected flower shapes. Then use the ball tool to thin the edges. 

Then layer the fondant flower cut outs on top of the flower former.  Place the brooch in the middle to make sure it fits.

Now assemble these beautiful brooch flowers on your cake.  

Brooch mold used:

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