Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mystery Project-Cross

The next project is from Lisa at Sugar and Spice Desserts - She selected one of our "Mystery" projects -- Check out her unique and most creative use of the floral cross and filigree blossom mold.  Thank you Lisa for such a creative project.

My mystery project was to use the cross molds. So I decided to do something different and did a crown topper. I was inspired by the elves headdress from the LOTR movies. I used the floral cross and the filigree blossom brooch molds to make this. I molded everything from gumpaste so it would be nice and firm. I did one of the cross and six of the blossom brooch. I trimmed the edges and then let them dry a bit.

Once they were dry enough to handle, I took a floral wire and threaded through each piece to help support the crown.

I then formed the crown around one of my fondant buckets to help keep the shape while it set.

Once its fully dry you can go ahead and paint it. I used the emerald green luster dust as a base and then sprayed over it with Wilton's green can spray. Let the color set before you put it on the cake so you don't get any smudges.

This is the finished crown on the forest themed cake. An elf maiden has set this on the tree stump while she takes a quick rest. At least that is what I envision now that its completed.

I used a few other DTC molds as accents to finish this piece. The bark was done using the pear tree bark texture mat and the carved orchid mold was used on the left. Thanks for looking at my tutorial. I had a great time doing this project.

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