Thursday, March 3, 2011

Candy Melt Sugar Bottle - Tracy Gamblin

To show how versital the sugar bottle mold can be, Tracy Gamblin, show how to make candy melt sugar bottles -- I love the idea of making the bottles of chocolate and before putting them together filling them with mini-candy for an additional surprise!  Thanks Tracy!

Hello, I choose to do a tutorial using the DTC half soda bottle mold. I ended up doing three different types of sugar bottles, however this tutorial will concentrate on the candy melts one. All three bottles are in the final picture at the end of this tutorial.

Items needed:
DTC half bottle mold
1 bag Wilton Candy Melts
Wilton Pop foil wrappers (I like the 4 colors one)
Wilton candy bags
Misc brush for melted candy
18/0 spotter brush
4400 angular brush
Clear vanilla
Wilton gold dust

Begin by filling the candy bag ¾ full of candy melts. Melt in microwave for 35 seconds at a time. Check bag and knead the bag until candy has melted completely. Bag will be very warm but should not burn your hand.

Cut tip off bag and fill mold with melted candy and use brush to cover the whole bottle mold. Before putting completed mold in refrigerator to set tap lightly on counter top to get air bubbles to the surface. Refrigerate until set approximately 15-25 minutes.

Want to see what happens when the mold doesn’t come out like it’s supposed to?
I love this!  Glad it's not just me that this happens too!

I did one more half mold than I was ready to attach both halves. I did this by using the melted candy bag and squeezing a line to attach both halves.

The two halves harden within five minutes than I used a knife to shave off the bulky parts and used my fingers to heat the candy as I smoothed out the joined sides. I recommend using a paper towel to hold the completed bottle while working on it, especially if you have hot hands like I do. What’s that old saying…warm hands warm heart? Not quite sure if that’s it but it works for me.

Next I decided to “paint” the bottle with clear vanilla and some Wilton gold dust. It was fun to play around and paint “whatever moved me”. I used a spotter brush 18/0 and then used a 4400 angular brush to do the label. I wanted a soft gold label so that’s why I used the Wilton gold dust. I think the Aztec gold luster dust would really “pop” more though. I also think using an edible image on top of the gold label would be fabulous; however I did not have any on hand for this tutorial.

After completing the painting I cut a small square piece of the Wilton Pop gold foil and put it on top to give it more of a realistic feel. I’ve also included in the final picture all three bottles I worked on this week.

I wanted Melissa of DTC to see how beautiful the blue venuance pearls came out when I did them in the mold. I did do a third bottle and it’s only a half bottle. It was made with a ½ cup of granulated sugar and ½ cup of Karo light corn syrup. The two ingredients were heated to 300 degrees than poured into the mold. I filled the mold completely so it would look like root beer was in the bottle. There were a lot of bubbles but I still like the look of it.

Thank you, Decorate The Cake for allowing me to do this tutorial and “get over” my fear of making sugar bottles.


  1. love, love, love the blue one! great job on all!

  2. jennifer's sweettreatsMarch 4, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    wow nice, so now i know when i see the option to use their/your products to make a tutorial that was really cool i have just used mine i have the 8oz corona bottle and used isomalt...thanks u did a great job...