Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cute as a Button!

I created this cute button heart mold for a simple Valentine's Day cake.  

For the border we are using the new silver isomalt nibs from CakePlay and the new bead mold they are offering.  

Melt the isomalt in a microwave safe cup.  I used a silicone measuring cup.  Carefully pour the isomalt into the cavity in a stream.  

Once the isomalt is "semi-set" but not "cold" flip the mold over and gently bend back off the isomalt.  It may need a gently coax to get it started.

Then I gently shaped it around the edge of the board. 

I also used the silver isomalt in a few heart mold to add some contrast.  Again I carefully poured the isomalt to fill each cavity to see which I liked best done in the isomalt.  

The red buttons are fondant used in various button and heart molds available from Decorate the Cake.  

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CakePlay Bead Mold


  1. Hi! Can we use sugar syrup insted of isomalt?

    1. I am assuming sugar syrup is the sugar, water, corn syrup that is cook for pulled sugar -- YES! You may use that as well.