Thursday, January 23, 2014

Triple Scallop Trim

I would like to send a big Thank You to Kathy Finholt for helping me out with the latest blog post.

Kathy sent me a piece of her favorite lace last year telling me that she could no longer buy the lace and wanted a mold.  No pressure on me to make sure the mold came out!  Lucky for us both it turned out well.   I sent her the finished mold and she finally had an opportunity to use it to add a lovely border for this simple anniversary cake.

Start by rolling the fondant to a 3 in the pasta machine.  Then using a ruler as a guide and rotary cuter cut the bottom edge straight prior to placing it in the mold.

Next lay the fondant in the mold and place the insert on top.  Press down gently on the insert to ensure you get a nice impression.  Remove the excess fondant and clean up the edges.  Remove the insert and flip the mold over.  Slowly roll the mold back off the fondant gently coaxing it out of the mold.  Releasing this way helps to prevent distortion of the pattern.  Finally apply to the cake.

Additional details on using this mold may be found on the blog post "Of Corset's Lace!"

To see more beautiful cakes by Kathy check out her Facebook page, Kathy's Kakes, LLC.

Products Used:
Triple Scallop Trim

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