Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Lace

Mindy Shay played with a new lace mold.

Hi, my name is Missy and I have a cake blog where I tell all about my experiences in baking and decorating cakes. I was asked to test out a product and I picked the Lace - Double Flower Center Mold. I had never used a lace mold before and I was very excited to try it out.

I’m sorry about the glare, I like to do my fondant work on my cutting board and the flash made a terrible glare!

First I dusted my mold with a little powdered sugar. Then I took a mixture of chocolate fondant mixed with modeling chocolate and rolled a log and “smooshed” it into the mold. I put too much fondant into the mold and had to “cut” some of it out. It was too hot in my kitchen to be using modeling chocolate so the impressions did not turn out as well as I would have liked.

Be sure to put powdered sugar on your board to prevent sticking. Doesn’t it look great with this dark brown? It tasted yummy too!

I made a small cake for church so that I could test these molds out.

The best part is how easily it molded onto the round curve of the cake and was very quick and easy to make. Wouldn’t this also look great as wings on a bat or bird? Just make the middle part a bird or something and you have a double use for this mold!

Next I tried out just straight fondant, I used green so you could see the fondant in the mold. I tried rolling the fondant onto the mold, but that didn’t work out very well.

(Yes, I know that my apron looks like a hospital gown here, but I promise that I am not crazy!)
Next I used an angled spatula cut excess fondant out.

It was very easy to just place the lace onto the buttercream, if my cake had been covered in fondant, I would have used either water or vanilla extract to adhere the fondant.

I tried a different approach on my third lace mold. I tried using even less fondant.

First I took the fondant and flattened it out in the basic shape of the mold in my hands.

Then I “smooshed” the fondant into all the crevices of the mold.

I then took my roller and rolled the fondant smoothly into the mold.

I used my spatula to take away any extra fondant.

The fondant peels out of the mold very easily.

I then trimmed off any extra fondant again after removing it from the mold. I centered the lace where I wanted it to go and pressed it gently onto the cake. This lace turned out the best. I had used less fondant on this one and I was able to get every detail to show. I LOVE this mold.

You can also make impressions onto fondant to cover the cake. I rolled my fondant out onto the board.

I then gently pressed the mold onto the fondant. Do not use your roller, it distorted the image.

My picture of the good impression did not turn out, but you can see what a pretty design it makes here.

This mold would be great for any kind of fancy cake, and it is big enough to use on big cakes or as the entire design on a small cake.

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