Monday, July 26, 2010

Frog Loop Closure

Georganne Bell created a fashionable cake using the frog loop closures mold.

Frog loop closures are usually made of a small cord looped and tied around itself and are fastened on clothing items to take them from simple to sensational. I made my own frog loop closure out of fondant and fixed it on my mandarin collar cake for that same striking look as its rayon counter part. (And the best part is that all I had to do was squish fondant into a mold---no tricky tying necessary!) It's practically perfect for my upcoming move to the Orient.

I have a few helpful hints for using this mold. First, when putting the fondant into the mold, roll the fondant into a thin rope. I'm talking thin as a lollipop stick. Then carefully lay it inside the mold. This helps to get fondant everywhere you need it, and keeps it from getting everywhere else.

And for the record, it is easiest to put the two pieces together BEFORE you try to put them on your cake. Trust me on this one.


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