Friday, September 10, 2010

Cameo Project

Georganne Bell created beautiful cookies using the floral hair lady cameo.

Does beauty come in sugar? I'm pretty sure its called the Floral Hair Lady Cameo if it does. My husband calls it the "face head lady thing." No matter what you call it, I simply adore this new mold. It's so easy to use.

Step 1: Get Cameo mold.
Step 2: Make fabulous cookies.

See? Easy peasy. And to make it even easier...make sure you order a setting mold to go with your cameo. Try to order it at the same time as the cameo. Don't be like me and order it the day before your cameo mold gets there. You'll NEVER be able to wait long enough to get the setting mold before trying out the cameo mold. If you forget to take my advice and no
w you are holding the cameo mold in your hot little hands and you simply can't wait for the setting mold to get to you, it's okay. There is a solution. First, put down the cameo mold. Then do a little online search and find a picture of a cameo setting that you absolutely love. (There is no sense making cookies that you don't absolutely love.) Copy and paste it into some kind of picture altering program to re-size it to match your cameo mold. Tape it on the back of a cookie sheet and tape some wax paper over the top of that. Mold your cameo and place on top of the picture of the cameo setting. Melt a bit of chocolate and while resisting the urge to eat melted chocolate straight from the bowl, pipe it on top of the setting and around the cameo. If you live somewhere real hot and humid like I do, it helps to put the cameos/settings in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. Then you just pop them right off the sheet and on to your cookies -- or in to your mouth. (What?! Who would do that?) And there you have it. Beauty in sugar form.

Georganne Bell

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Classes in the Kansas City area

Sherrie Ortiz of Sherrie's Cake Magic will be offering a variety of classes held in Belton. Check out the class information below and her website for more information.


Pumpkin carving class. $50.00 --6-9 m

Just in time for Halloween or fall parties.

Learn how to carve, ice and finish the cake with an air brush machine. I will also show you how to recreate it at home without an air brush machine too.

You will go home with your own 8” pumpkin shaped cake.

Mature children are welcome to work with a parent in this class if you like to share the project or you can both come and make your own.

Mature teens welcome too.

Space is limited to 8.


Basic fondant class. $60.00

In this class I provide the cake and supplies needed and even a box to take it home in. If you have a rolling pin please bring it along.

In this 3 hour class we will review basic base icing techniques and ways to speed up your time. You will also learn how to handle fondant and cover the cake and various techniques for finishing it with embossers, pearls etc. I have plenty of tools to play with and try out.

You will go home with an 8” round cake you have made yourself.

Space is limited to 8. Mature teens welcome. One person per project.


Gum paste flowers.

What a beautiful art form these are. I know at first glance the classes seem expensive but I do guarantee you will go away with full knowledge of how to make these and make them well. There will be plenty of time for individual help during the class.

This is for the beginner or intermediate gum paste flower student.

I have broken down the classes into two different ones. Each one covers totally different flowers. More class options will be added at a later time.

The cost is broken down into 5 part decisions. I have tried to make this as easy as possible for each persons goals. If you are just learning for fun you may not want to order all the equipment. If you have a business and plan to make this a part of what you offer then you would probably want to invest in the whole package.

Part one: class fees.

Each class covers 3 flowers or fillers and leaves. You will learn from start to finish each flower in a very simple step by step process. You will go home with these flowers.

Part 2: Borrowing equipment: You can choose not to purchase the equipment for this and just use my supplies. There is an additional 10.00 fee to cover petal dust, wires, floral tape etc.

Part 3: One time purchase equipment: It is suggested that you get this set. It will be useful for a very long time. It is not mandatory.

This is the basic set of equipment you will need to get you going if you have a desire to continue doing these in the future for yourself or for your own business. I have simply searched the web and gathered the best prices for items and passed it along to you at that exact cost without mark up. If you want to order your own or you already have these items then you can bring them with you to class and not pay this fee.

The cost is $105.00 for the one time set. These will be used at every class you attend in the future either with me or other instructors.

The items are: Cel pad, Cell board, Ball tool, 6 petal dust colors, 3 paint brushes, floral tape.

Part 4: Choose your class. If you don’t know exactly what the flowers are just do an image search on Google and you will see hundreds of examples. Yes they will look very much like the real thing when you are done.

Classes are limited to 6 persons. Adults only please.

Part 5: Specific equipment:

Each class has a specific set of equipment for making the flowers. Cutters and veiners are not always cheap. Do not waste your money getting low cost supplies. Eventually you will end up upgrading to the better options.

Class one:

You will learn the following flowers.

Casablanca lily, Poinsettia, Mini blossoms for fillers and Ivy leaves and trailing vines.

Class fee is $200.00-- This is 8 hours of instructions done in two evenings. Probably scheduled from 6-10 pm to make it easy to attend.

Borrowing the equipment is 10.00 more.

Purchasing the equipment for this will include the cutters and veiners for all the flowers and leaves. These are excellent quality tools. Not the plastic sets of stuff you get at the craft store.

For Class #1- it is $170.00


Class #2:

Class fee is $200.00-- This is 8 hours of instructions done in two evenings. Probably scheduled from 6-10 pm to make it easy to attend.

You will learn the following flowers:

Cymbidium orchid.

Hydrangea flowers


Calla lily

+ leaves for all of these.

Purchasing the equipment for this will include the cutters and veiners for all the flowers and leaves. These are excellent quality tools. Not the plastic sets of stuff you get at the craft store.

For all the equipment the cost is. $125.00


All classes will require payment in full 2 weeks ahead of the class.

Fees are non refundable because it would be difficult to fill your place with a late notice cancellation.

IF there is room in an upcoming class you may transfer half the fee to that class.

If you need the equipment ordered 3 weeks notice will be necessary to make sure it is delivered in time.

You can pay for the equipment first then pay for the class the following week.

Classes are as follows.

Pumpkin carving class dates: This is a one night class offered several times.

Sept 14th, Sept. 28th, Oct 20th.

Basic fondant: One night class.

Sept 29th,

Gum paste flower classes. Two nights 6-10pm

Class #1---

Oct 12 and 13

Nov 9 and 10.

Dec. 7and 8.


Class #2.

Nov 2 and 3

Nov. 17 and 18.