Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Warm up with these cute snowflake cookies!

No matter how cold it is outside, warm up with these cute snowflake cookies!

Using the sugar cookie recipe of choice roll out your cookies to 1/4" thick and cut to shape.

Then brush on AmeriColor Bright White gel color -- yes, brush it onto the raw cut out cookie.

Yeah, I forgot to get a photo of the hexagon cookies.  Let's pretend I didn't screw up!

If you want a color, you can experiment with other gel colors but I found the best results achieved by mixing in a little petal dust to my AmeriColor white gel.

Once fully covered bake your cookies until just done.

In the above pic you will notice some colors didn't "crack" as well as others.  On those the mixture was a little too "thick".  To fix this I added a few drops of water to the white gel/petal dust mixture.

I then used a little royal icing to stencil on a snowflake.  The stencil I used came from The Colorful Cookie Company.  This is a great new company that is designing stencil files that you can download and cut your own stencils!

Next I embellished (and hid some of my sloppy stenciling) the cookies.  For the embellishments I used a 50/50 mixture of Satin Ice fondant and some modeling chocolate.  This mixture was used with the Snowman Trio mold and the  Winter Trio mold to create some adorable touches.

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Snowman Trio

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Isomalt Orbs

Check out our new half orb mold done in CakePlay isomalt!

After you pour in the isomalt quickly take a heated mini palette knife and run it over the mold to take off excess isomalt.  This is mostly needed for the very small cavities as they take less than a single drop of isomalt. 

The easiest way to get them out of the mold is to flip it over and peel back the mold.  

Oops, I bumped the design and they all slid together!

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Half Orbs

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