Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Precious Flower Cupcakes

Check out the latest blog by the talented Rosalynne Rogers of Ronnie's Cakes and Cupcakes.

I used the 2 inch diamond mold for cupcake toppers.  For my purposes I chose to only use the top section of the mold.

This one!
Knead the fondant until soft and pliable.  Then roll into a smooth ball.  Place the ball in the mold and stop to take a picture.  lol

Press down until you fill the mold. (Remove excess with a small sharp knife.)   For my purposes I smoothed the fondant flush with the mold so that it would sit flat on the cupcake.

Yes, there is fondant in the mold - I should have used something other than white.

Place the mold in the freezer to set.  While chilling, decorate your cupcake.  I used a tip 204 to make petals on the edge.

Remove your mold from the freezer and let it set until it has hardened slightly.  Then take some Super Pearl and brush over your 'diamond' to make it shine.  (Diamonds actually sparkle, but we won't split hairs....)

After your diamonds have finished setting, you can place it on top of the cupcake flower to top it off!!  Waaa-laaa!!!   You have a 'precious' flower.  (Get it?  Diamonds are a precious stone.... hehehe)    Thanks for staying awake enough to read my first guest blog!  Can't wait to see you again!!!  

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3D Diamond 2 Inch 

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Let Them Eat Cake"- The Jabot Mold Sequel

All I can say about this next blog post is WOW!  Joanne Wieneke outdid herself with the amazing combination of molds, creativity and some awesome talent.

I know that you have been waiting for the sequel of the Jabot Mold tutorial. This is it...
I have gathered a number of very beautiful and versatile molds to join the Jabot Mold Collection from DTC and incorporated them to a cake design, inspired by a quote  "Let Them Eat Cake", the phrase commonly misattributed to the lady named Marie Antoinette....

(photos from Wikipedia)

If you scroll back, reading archives of DTC Blogs, a lot of molds have already been presented and how to use it.  I used all necessary Tips and Techniques mentioned in DTC Tutorial blogs:
Lace Press Mold Tutorial by Morsels by Mark
New Applique Lace Molds by Sherrie Ortiz
Bridal Motif Lace by Renea Feagin
The Jabot Mold by Joanne Wieneke
Tuscan Jewelry Bowl by Joanne Wieneke

This should be easy, all you need are: fondant or gumpaste, shortening,  gumglue, royal icing , palette knife or  plastic clay knife, toothpicks, rolling pins, small scissors, paint brush, some gold and pearl dust  and a lot of patience and a ton of time....

Here are the list of molds that I have used for this cake:

 (pipe dots of royal icing over  the filigree leaf)

(fold left and right gem wing and stretch to a sausage by rolling the middle gem between your fingers to create the arm)

Jabot Molds

           Brooch 2C Square oval
(cut wings of the mold and randomly position them to make a gem buns on hair)

Stack up your cakes, in this case, I used styrofoam for visual purposes.

Thank you very much Glenda and DTC for giving me the opportunity to work with your beautiful and fantastic products!
 I hope you all enjoyed this inspirational cake as much as I enjoyed creating them...

Happy Cake Decorating!
 Joanne Wieneke

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get Out of the Dog House!

This cake is sure to let you out of the dog house!

It is a pretty simple cake -- but the spiked dog collar bottom border puts it over the top.

Roll out a length of fondant to the size for the mold.

Lay the fondant on top of mold cavity and press in.  To get the fondant into the spikes you will need to really push it in.

Use a rolling pin to smooth down the back of the mold.  Take a small knife and trim off the excess.

Pop in the freezer to harden -- this is necessary to get the spikes out intact.  Have a bowl of ice cream while you wait!

Turn the mold upside down and gently roll up.  As you come to each spike, gently stretch the mold to pop it out.  I accidentally ripped one off - while it was still frozen I put it in place with a touch of gum glue and it stayed affixed just fine.

Get some supplies out to dust the spikes!  I mixed a little of Albert Uster's gold dust with vodka.

Paint the spikes.

Products Used:
Spiked Dog Collar
Doggie Assortment
Paw Print Texture Mat