Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Precious Flower Cupcakes

Check out the latest blog by the talented Rosalynne Rogers of Ronnie's Cakes and Cupcakes.

I used the 2 inch diamond mold for cupcake toppers.  For my purposes I chose to only use the top section of the mold.

This one!
Knead the fondant until soft and pliable.  Then roll into a smooth ball.  Place the ball in the mold and stop to take a picture.  lol

Press down until you fill the mold. (Remove excess with a small sharp knife.)   For my purposes I smoothed the fondant flush with the mold so that it would sit flat on the cupcake.

Yes, there is fondant in the mold - I should have used something other than white.

Place the mold in the freezer to set.  While chilling, decorate your cupcake.  I used a tip 204 to make petals on the edge.

Remove your mold from the freezer and let it set until it has hardened slightly.  Then take some Super Pearl and brush over your 'diamond' to make it shine.  (Diamonds actually sparkle, but we won't split hairs....)

After your diamonds have finished setting, you can place it on top of the cupcake flower to top it off!!  Waaa-laaa!!!   You have a 'precious' flower.  (Get it?  Diamonds are a precious stone.... hehehe)    Thanks for staying awake enough to read my first guest blog!  Can't wait to see you again!!!  

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3D Diamond 2 Inch 

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