Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soda Sugar Bottle

The next DTCPUG project is from Robin Pennington and as I look at the finished product, I sure could go for a slice of that pizza and a soda! Oh wait!  That's cake -- well I could go for a piece of cake.  Please join Robin, as she take us thru the process of creating a sugar bottle using DTC Sugar Bottle mold!

For today's project I chose to make a sugar bottle. Most cakes I see that have sugar bottles Incorporated in them have to do with beer coolers. I chose to make my sugar bottle into a Strawberry soda bottle. Paring it with a cake made to look like a pizza would make this a great cake for a teenage boys birthday. With changing the color of the bottle you could make the birthday boys favorite soda anything from Root Beer to Mountain Dew.

The supplies you will need are:

Sugar Bottle mold from DTC
Venaunce Pearls
Metal utensil ( to heat up to clean up edges of bottle )

The First thing I did was to place the Venaunce Pearls into the mold. The first half I did I placed all the pearls into the mold but learned that the neck of the bottle takes a little longer to melt and therefore the base of the bottle got to hot and the pearls started to burn. So for the second half I placed the color of the pearls I wanted the neck to be and melted those first.

About two 30 second heatings got me to the consistency I needed to place the rest of the pearls into the mold and have everything heat evenly.

Once all pearls are placed in mold continue to heat pearls at 30 second intervals so not to burn pearls. It was about another three 30 second heatings. Of course all microwaves vary so it may take more or less heatings depending on your wattage on your microwave.

Once the pearls were completely melted I tapped the mold to get the bubbles to come to the top and I used a knife to gently scrape them away. As the melted pearls cooled I gently tipped the mold back and forth to get an even coat all over the mold. This makes the bottle hallow and lighter. Make sure if you want the bottom to be closed that you tip the mold to get the melted pearls to coat the bottom of the mold too.

Place mold into the refrigerator to cool completely. I left mine in for about 30 minutes. Use your judgment and take mold out once it is completely cooled and hard to the touch. Remove from mold and set aside. If you want to make a full bottle repeat above steps to make 2nd half.

Once you remove mold from microwave and have tapped out air bubbles and tilted mold to make sure it is completely covered place 1st half of sugar bottle onto the second half while it is still melted and not set. This will fuse your two halves together. Place in refrigerator to completely set. Since it was harder to tell if bottle was completely set I left it in for a couple hours to make sure bottle was completely set.

Remove bottle from mold after it is set. If you would like to smooth out seems use a heated metal utensil to gently run across seam to melt it smooth. You can then decorate the bottle with edible images or gum paste labels. You can also get the bottle cap mold from DTC and make caps to decorate with.