Monday, April 4, 2011

DTC Cross Molds

With Easter just around the corner, DTCPUG Member Melody brings us a beautiful project using our cross molds -- Thanks Melody! they are beautiful.

Hello Everyone! This is my first tutorial for DTC and I'm excited! I chose the cross molds because I knew Easter was coming up. I used the molds for chocolate, fondant, and poured sugar. I've always wanted to try poured sugar and it turned out great.

Materials Needed:
-DTC Cross Molds
-Fondant (Easter Colors)
-Poured Sugar Recipe (DTC Facebook Page)
-Makeup Brush
-Edible Luster Dust
-Disposable Piping Bag
-Exacto Knife, Paring Knife
-Decoration/Gift Bags with Twist Ties
-Mini Roller (Not in photo)
-Fondant covered cake
-Non-stick spray or shortening

First, knead the fondant until pliable. Put the fondant in the mold, making sure to push the fondant down into the mold. I like to use the mini roller to help the fondant get into the little crevices of the mold.

After the fondant is in the mold, I like to cut the excess fondant on top. It just makes it easier to remove the fondant from the mold and also makes it flat.

Next, proceed with using the other fondant colors with the other molds. I put them in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes so they could be removed from the molds a little easier. I peal the mold away from the fondant first before removing it. I noticed this helps the fondant peal away easier.

Remove the other fondant crosses from their molds and place on the top of the cake. I put the larger cross in the middle and the other crosses on the sides. I used the exacto knife to clean up the edges a bit.
I also made fondant roses to go around the perimeter of the cake. I used the same Easter colored fondant for the roses. I put toothpicks through the bottom of the roses and stuck them in the cake. I alternated the colors around the top. I thought it was very floral and pretty!

Next I used the chocolate for the molds. I am a chocoholic so instead of buying the chocolate bunnies for my Sunday School class, I made the chocolate crosses. The kids and my family members loved them.

First, put the chocolate in the piping bag and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds. If not completely melted, microwave at 10-15 second intervals until melted.

Twist the top of the piping bag so the chocolate won't squeeze out of the top. Cut a small snip from the corner of the bag. Squeeze chocolate into the molds, making sure to tap the molds to remove air bubbles. Leave chocolate in molds until set. (I put them in the fridge but one cracked because it got too cold. I recommend letting them set at room temperature so you won't have to be running to the fridge to check on them every few minutes like I did!)

Just like with the fondant, I pull the mold away from the chocolate before I start to remove it. The mold peals away easier. Remove the crosses from the mold. These molds are so detailed and beautiful. My sister loves the big one!

I put the larger crosses in little gift bags for my class. I put the smaller crosses in cupcakes for my family. My grandfather is a Pastor so I plan on using the crosses for an Easter Cake after Easter Sunday Service.

Why buy chocolate bunnies when you can make these! Before I show the cupcakes, I wanted to try a sugar cross. I've always wanted to work with poured and pulled sugar. I found the recipe for melting sugar on Decorate the Cake's facebook page and got excited. So, why not! Warning, the sugar is extremely hot and can cause severe burns. Make sure to wear long sleeves and gloves. Be extra careful or do not attempt.

First, put the ingredients in a microwave glass. (Sugar, Light Syrup, and Water. Also, it works better if you use a glass with a spout on it.) Stir the ingredients then microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. While the sugar is in the microwave it helps to grease the molds with non-stick spray or use shortening. It is easier to remove the sugar from the mold if it is greased.

I let the sugar mixture sit a minute until it stopped boiling. Gently pour the hot sugar into the mold. Pour it evenly, and slow. (I was trying to take a picture and one overflowed on me, LOL!)

I let the molds set for about 10-15 minutes. I was surprised because it didn't take as long as I thought it would to set. I didn't use the big cross mold for the sugar, only the two smaller ones. (The one that I don't show is the one that spilled everywhere!) Again, pull the mold away from the cross first for easy removal. I used some gold luster dust on it to make sparkle. My hubby was totally impressed!

I made more smaller chocolate crosses and put them in cupcakes. Here is the final result!

I had so much fun with these molds and everyone was impressed with the details. The cupcakes went like hotcakes! My sister snatched up the one with the sugar cross. I plan on purchasing a rose mold in the future. (I love making them by hand but I have a big cake coming up with a lot of roses.) Thank you DTC for your wonderful molds. If you have any questions about this tutorial, please comment below. Happy Baking!

Melody S. of Sweet Melody's
Motto: There is always a reason for cake!

DTC Products Used:
Cross - Floral
Western Star Cross
Cross - Pearl Jeweled