Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let it snow!

The supplies:

- Silicone snowflake mold
- Isomalt stick from Cake Play
- Hot pot for melting isomalt
- Silicone cupcake liner - I use it to melt the isomalt
- Some fun cake sprinkles
- Snowflake quins
- Blow torch - not in pic

First I broke up the isomalt stick and placed it in the silicone cup. Microwave in 15-20 second increments until all melted.

Sprinkle some of the red sugar and snowflake quins into the mold.  Carefully pinch the silicone cup - be gentle and cautious so that you do not spill the hot isomalt on your fingers.  Pour a steady stream into the mold.

Set mold aside for a bit to cool and firm up.

Once set and barely warm to the touch begin to gently pull the silicone away from the isomalt.

On this particular mold I was worried about the centers pulling through the isomalt so I gave it some help.

When removed from the mold there were tiny surface imperfections.  To fix this I got out my trusty blow torch and very quickly ran it over the surface.

 Let the snowflake sit and cool for a bit before touching.

One way to display the snowflake - loop a string through and let it hang.  Doesn't it sparkle?

You can use the melting pot - with a broken isomalt stick melted to dip the bottom of the snowflake....

Set the snowflake where you want it and hold still while it cools.

ooohhhh  shiny!

Products used:
Snowflake #2
Snowflake #1

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  1. Very impressive. I'm adding that snowflake mold to my wish list!