Monday, September 30, 2013

Icing Smiles

Icing Smiles is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide critically ill children and their siblings with custom celebration cakes.  As a fellow baker, Tracy Quisenberry (Executive Director) recognized the impact that a custom cake can have on a child.  She started Icing Smiles to share that wonder with kids who can't take for granted the everyday experiences of childhood, especially birthdays.

Icing Smiles delivered their first cake in January 2010 and has partnered with volunteer bakers in all 50 states!  Bakers range from home/hobby bakers to industry greats such as Kate Sullivan, Anne Heap and Elissa Strauss.

We invite you to visit their website ( and their Facebook page ( where their mission comes to life.  As a volunteer baker or "Sugar Angel" for Icing Smiles, you will join a nationwide movement to create positive memories for these families during a very difficult time.  Memories have magical powers.  Long after the cake is gone, the memories linger - memories of the kindness of a stranger, the art of the design, the sweet smells of a special treat, of the smiles and laughs of a normal childhood experience so often stolen from these children. These memories are why we say, "it is so much more than a cake."

To access the volunteer application, please go to their website at and click Create a Smile.

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