Monday, October 28, 2013

Going a Little Batty

I wanted to make an isomalt moon for the top of a cake.  I decided in this spooky season it needed some bats on it.  To get this look I'm using DTC's new bat inlay to get the above look.

Materials needed:
Bat inlays
Isomalt - I used CakePay isomalt nibs
Metal round cookie cutter
Cooking spray or some type of oil

Lightly spray the inside of the cutter ring with cooking spray then wipe off excess with a napkin.  Arrange the bats on a silicone mat or lightly oiled marble surface and place ring around the bats.  (Some pictures show two bats and some show three -- I made a few before I found one I liked.)

Place isomalt nibs in an microwave safe container -- warm in 30 second increments in microwave until fully melted.  Gently pour over the bats.

Stop when you reach the desired thickness and the bats are covered. 

Once cooled -- time will depend on the temperature in the area -- gently remove the ring.

Use a palette knife to gently pull the bats out from the back.

If you have any surface bubbles they can be removed by a quick blast with a blow torch.  Be careful if you do this over the thinner bat sections as they will melt quickly.  To help with the bubbles make sure to wait prior to pouring for the bubbles to dissipate.  I waited longer on the moon with with two bats and there are very few bubbles.

If the isomalt gets cloudy over time -- or you touch it too much -- and it gets dull looking you can use a small amount of vegetable oil on your finger and gently rub over the surface.

Here are some close ups of the other features of the cake:

DTC Products Used:
Bat Inlay
Small Bat
Medium Bat
Skeletal Hand
Skulls - 4 Mini
Skulls - Horizontal Border

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