Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aged Leaf Scroll

Many thanks to Chef Mitchie for this great blog post.

For a recent project, I needed something that looked aged/vintage, rococo, something you might find in an old mansion.  And the Small Leaf w/ Scroll made a perfect addition to my edible scene.

Materials and Ingredients Needed:
Silicone Mold - Small Leaf with Scroll
White and Black Fondant (or any colors to fit your project)
Tylose Powder
Paring Knife or cutting blade
Black petal dust
Assorted soft bristle brushes
Non-Stick work surface
Paper towel

To marble your fondant, roll the white fondant into a log and the black fondant into a thin rope.  Wrap the black rope around the white and then twist the two together until your fondant begins to resemble marbling.  Before fully incorporated add some tylose powder.   This will help your leaf scrolls to set up as you're working.  Knead until all of the powder is no longer visible.  If it becomes sticky use a little shortening on your fingers.

Size up a portion of your marbled fondant to resemble a 1 inch ball.  We want a deep impression from the mold so we are going to push the ball into the mold while trying to avoid any overhang.  Once the entire ball is in the mold, turn upside down and press firmly against your non-stick work surface with the heel of your hand or a rolling pin.

Remove your Leaf Scroll from the mold.  You can trim up your leaf if any overhang is visible or you can make slight adjustments by separating the leaves from Scroll; however you see fit for your project.  I picked up my leaf scrolls and gave them a pinch from top to bottom to add a little curve.  This helped me to avoid wrinkles and cracks later.

Place your Leaf Scroll atop a paper towel.  Use a smaller brush at first and dip into your black petal dust, tap off excess.  Use light strokes to ever so slightly highlight the details of your Leaf Scroll.  Once you can see the details, use your larger brush to dust sides and remove excess.

Wasn't that fun?  You could apply this method to a number of edible projects.  I used mine to decorate pillars in an edible scene as well as in part of a door frame.  Some other ideas:  a frame, border, chandelier cakes.

Michelle Currann AKA Chef Mitchie

DTC Products Used:
Small Leaf w/ Scroll

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