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Many thanks to Chef Mitchie for this great blog post.

Often we see faux sushi or cakes with candy sushi presented on a wood-grain surface.  The bamboo sushi texture mat offers another element of realism and authenticity.  It's easy to use and the detail is incredible.

Material and Ingredients Needed:
Bamboo Texture Mat
1 lb Fondant tinted ivory or tan (for this project I used Choco-pan Caramel)
Tylose Powder
Rotary Cutter or sharp knife
Petal dusts (for this project I used cinnamon and Caramel from The Sugar Art)
Assort soft bristle brushes
Rolling pin
Non-Stick work space
Paper Towel

Tighten up your fondant a bit by adding approximately 1/2 tsp of Tylose or CMC powder. Use the shortening if needed to prevent sticking.  Roll out your fondant to be at least 1/4 inch thick and at least a 1/2 inch wider on all sides of your texture mat. Carefully place your texture mat atop and press it firmly into place.  To ensure the texture is completely transferred use your rolling pin starting at the center and using a light pressure and roll to the edge. Pick up your pin and place in center once more and roll to the other edge.  Slowly lift your mat to reveal your beautiful impression.

Use a rotary cutter or sharp knife to trim all four edges evenly.  Allow mat to dry overnight if you would like mat to remain stiff.

 Choose your petal dust to color the "string" and place a small amount on a paper towel.  Lightly run your soft bristle brush into the dust and tap off the excess.  Run the brush across each "string". Take second color of petal dust and place a small amount onto the paper towel.  Using your other brush apply dust starting at "string" and work outwards through the "bamboo".  After covering the entire mat use a clean pastry brush to sweep away excess.  Lastly, for a more realistic effect use a modeling tool to indent edges.

Wasn't that fun?  By the way, you can cover that wood-grain cake board with this beautiful bamboo mat instead. 

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Decorate the Cake Products Used:
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Sushi Set by Chef Mitchie
California Roll by Chef Mitchie
Rice Mound by Chef Mitchie

Shrimp by Chef Mitchie

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