Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Speaking from the Heart

A Thank You goes out to Erin Cronbaugh, owner of The Cake Life, for the latest blog post.  

Tools Needed:
* Colored Fondant
* Conversation Heart Mold
* Palette Knife
* Powdered Sugar
* Thin Paintbrush
* Petal Dusts

Roll a small amount of fondant into a ball, making sure there are no creases.

Roll the smooth shape into a small amount of powdered sugar.

Press into the mold.

If there is excess, use a palette knife to trim.  Start in the middle of the shape and pull down.

Then start in the middle of the shape and pull upwards, keeping knife level with the mold.

Smooth any ragged edges with your finger.

Repeat filling the mold with various colors.

Turn the mold upside down and use the back of the palette knife to gently tap the fondant shapes out.
Chose a very small thin brush and either petal dusts or dry food coloring that is a shade or two darker than the fondant.

Use the thin brush to lightly dust over the lettering on the hearts, trying to stay inside the letters.

This will slightly emphasize the letters.

Don't go too dark like I did with this one.

The finished conversation hearts!

DTC Product Used:
Valentine - Conversation Hearts

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