Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To the Moon and back....

This new texture mat will help create a cake that is out of this world!

Select your colors for the background.  I used Artisan Accents gel colors Deep Purple and Sunshine Yellow and added a drop of the snow white to each, otherwise they did not show up on the black.  Trust me on that or you can run your own test.

There are also a variety of grey, black and white petal dusts to use on the cake.  The cornstarch and show white dust let me get additional shades of grey.  And one highlighter dust that I sprinkled onto the board for some shine.

Cover your cake board is a black fondant.  In small dishes place a few drops of the yellow and purple adding one drop of white to each.  Then thin down with a few drops of water.

Dip a toothbrush (one that has not been used in your mouth, please) into the colors and flick the brush to splatter the colors around.

For the cake I used a grey fondant, rolling it on top of the texture mat.  When done rolling pick the mat up and flip it over onto the table.  Then slowly peel the mat off the mat.

Drape the fondant over your cake and trim the excess.  Using the dusts help to create the shadows.  Mix the show white color with some water and use it to paint on some highlights.

Using a small sponge blend in the highlights.

DTC Products Used:
Crater Texture Mat

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