Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Chocolate shells

Chocolate shells

Getting great looks shells is easy to do.

Start by melting white chocolate of choice.  Then finely chop some colors and milk chocolate. For these shells I did blue, green, purple and some milk chocolate.

Add in a selection of the chopped chocolate bits.  Do a quick stir and add to your piping bag.

Pipe the mixture into your molds.

Tap to remove any air bubbles.  Then let the molds cool.  You may place in fridge or freezer to shorten the wait time. 

Remove shells from the molds and enjoy! 

DTC molds used:
Beach4 - 4 pack Shells
Beach4 - Set of 3
Beach4 - Mini set of 9
Beach2 - Cut Shells 6 pack
Beach4 - Starfish Small2

Sugar Gypsy molds used:
Shells 1
Shells 10
Shells 11
Shells 18

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