Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Here's Looking at You, kid!

Two years ago, I made a paper mache dragon.  I love him. If you want more info on making your own check out The Gourmet Paper Mache - Dan Reeder.  Amazing work.

After I made this guy I kept thinking I wanted to recreate my dragon in cake.  Then I as I was gathering all my stuff to head to CookieCon this year I thought, why not a dragon cookie!

I made an orange dragon cookie (above) super quick and didn't take any photos while making him.  So, when I got home I made another one and got some pics done.  Here you go....

Supplies you will need:  Edible image of some eyes, half orb mold, Corn texture mat for skin and some CakePlay isomalt.

Select an eye image you want to use.  Print it on edible image paper.  I used the premium icing sheets from Icing Images. Cut it out and remove backing.

For this eye I am using clear isomalt.  But don't limit yourself here.  Go with what you think will work.  Yellow, red, maybe a green.  They could all look good with the right eye and the right sugar piece.

Melt a small amount of clear isomalt in a microwave safe container.  Also, don't be like me....wear gloves.  As Peggy Tucker says, No Gloves = No Sugar Love.  Here is a blog for some general rules on sugar safety; Click here.

Fill the orb cavity you decide to use approximately half way.  Play with this, the eyes look great with different amounts of isomalt.  Play around and decide what works best for you.

Let the isomalt cool just a bit.  You don't want it still bubbling but you don't want it to completely set either.  Drop your eye image down on the isomalt.  Use the tool of your choice to center the image.  I use stainless steel chopsticks.

Again, let this set just a few second or so.  This will depend on the temp of the isomalt in your cup.  You don't want it too hot but you do need to be able to pour it.  Then back the eye with some more.  I used clear again.  It works as well using a white isomalt.  Feel free to play with the color.

If you have some bubbles pop up and quick shot from a blow torch should do the trick.  Don't linger with the blow torch, as you don't want to ruin your mold or burn the isomalt.

Now is when you need to be patient.  Wait until the isomalt is fully set to remove -- I tap the mold with a chopstick to make sure it is solid. Your eye will look cloudy like it has a cataract.  This is the isomalt that was touching the silicone.

A quick kiss from the blowtorch will make it shiny.  Hard to tell with glare on this pic.

Now, on to the cookie.  I did not have time to make some cookies.  So, I'm using Notta Cookies.  I placed my eye and then used a fondant/modeling chocolate mixture to build up for the cheek bone.  The eye looks much clearer here with less glare!

For the scales texture I used the Corn Texture Mat.  I rolled it thick and then stretched to get the scales I wanted.  When using a mat I prefer to roll with my fondant on top of the mat.  This gives me the best results.  

Then when finished you flip it over and peel the mat off the fondant. 

Stretch and drape over your cookie.

Cut out the eye.

Now he needs eye lids.  I used a row off the corn mat and shaped it around the eye.  Place the lower lid first, then the top.

Horns were hand rolled teardrop shapes of fondant.

Forgot to get a pic of all of them lined up.  I used a ball tool to indent where each would go and put a dab of glue to hold them in place.

Next step is to add some color and dimension.

I didn't get photos of the painting but here is what I did.  I mixed the colors with some everclear.  I started with the Aubergine and made it very thin.  I wanted the color to pool down into the cracks.  I let that sit for just a minute, then used a new makeup sponge to wipe off the excess.  I then went back and highlighted the tops with the Lavender.

Base of the horns were dusted with the Emerald and tips brushed with the Bumble Bee.  A light dusting of both here and there on the full cookie as well.

I finished off with a light spray from PME Clear Edible Glaze Spray to give the scales a shine.

DTC Products Used:
Misc - Half Orbs
Texture Mat Lg2 - Corn

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