Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jewel molds are so versatile!

Here is the latest DTCPUG Project -

For the tutorial, I have a great selection of DTC jewel molds. While I think these would look great done with isomalt, I wanted to try them with fondant...there have been plenty of how to's with other molds with isomalt, and while beautiful, i wanted to mix it up.
I love a mold that I can use for a bunch of different things – how many of us have drawers fill of molds that we used once and now just take up space? So I am going to use these to make a cake for a boy, cookies for a girl, and cupcakes for a woman’s’ engagement partyDepending on what you want to make, gather together
Fondant in jewel tones, white, yellow and grey
Pearl dust
Gold and/or silver luster dust

First, I tried the molds with some jewel tone fondant. Dust the molds with pearl luster dust, and press enough fondant into each mold to be able to fill level. Then just pop them out…oh look, cute! I like those, so I am going to do another round in white – Tada!

I also have a larger “solitaire” mold and various size smaller solitaries, I am going to do those in white.

I want to make a couple “rings” out of the large stones, so I make one silver and one yellow. Since I am on a roll, I am going to make a couple for the smaller size as well. I prefer to make the gold out of yellow fondant, and the silver out of grey. After these dry, I will paint them with the luster dust mixed with vodka.

I have left these to dry for a couple days, and painted them – now lets put together some fun stuff!

So after painting the rings with luster dust paint, I used sugar glue to attach them to the "stones". The large solitare would look fabulous in a ring box cake, I put it on a 6" here so you get an idea of the size. I was lazy and only painted the top of the ring, don't be like me.
The little rings are on some cupcakes - awwwww, aren't they cute!

Now I am going to try the smaller white stones for some cookies for a girls' princess party - just press them into the icing before it dries - A great way to add a little extra ooomph!

Lastly, I am going to take some of the multi colored jewels, and use them for a boys pirate cake. What a nice quick way to take your cake to the next level

So, there are just a few options for using these molds, and I am sure you can think of more! Definitely a great, multipurpose mold to have on hand.

DTC Products Used:
Jewels - Multi set of 8
3D Diamond 1/5 inch

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