Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinosaur Molds

Some of my favorite posts are those for the Kiddo's -- and this one in particular makes me think of my wonderful Niece Chloe and her love for dinosaurs.  She wanted Dino molds, so these were created for her - Plus they make a wonderful addition to the store!  Thank Robin for such a fun and creative project.
For my Children's themed project I received 4 adorable dinosaurs. My first thought went straight to the volcano themed cake but I wanted to do something different. I remembered a merry go round kit I received for Christmas and thought how cute it would be to make a prehistoric Merry Go Round cake topper.

Using DTC molds are super easy. In fact as I was working on this project I did it with a broken wrist. Although I wasn't able to put as much detail on the finished project as I would like I was able to make the dinos with one hand proving how easy a DTC mold can be!

To begin you will need your DTC molds, a mat for working on, fondant in various dino colors, and a sharp cutting instrument. For decorating you can use an airbrush, luster dust, ground up chalk, or even cocoa powder.

Start by taking a small amount of fondant and pushing it into the mold.

Push fondant into mold and remove excess around edges and push toward the inside of the mold. For what I was using the dinos for I made sure the back of the mold was level and flat.

If you don't remove excess before un molding your dino will look like this.

You can then use your sharp knife to cut along edges and remove extra fondant.

This is what all four of the dinos look like before I colored them.

For this dino I used cocoa powder. I just took a small amount and brushed it on with a paint brush. I then took a clean brush and removed excess powder so that remaining powder made a shadow effect in the creases.

This dino I highlighted the light green fondant with a darker green airbrush color to give it more dimension.

This dino started out cream color and with a bit of green and dark brown airbrush this was the end result.

This dino began with dark green fondant and I added brown airbrush color.

The three airbrushed dinos

For the topper it is the Wilton Carousel kit. A gift I received for x mas and figured I wouldn't get much use out of it but I think this prehistoric dino go round is perfect for a little boys birthday. Again if I had both hands I would have loved to put more detail on the carousel maybe even some little saddles with stirrups! I attached the dinos with melted chocolate. You could easily make these cute dinos with chcolate.

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