Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Geared Up!

A BIG thank you to Amber Brooks for helping us out with this blog post.  

Amber first lightly dusted her molds with cornstarch.  

Start with a small amount of 50/50 (this was 50% fondant 50% gumpaste mixture) and place over the mold.  Amber used 50/50 but you may use straight fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate, isomalt or various combinations of sugar mediums.   

Then using a rolling pin roll out the 50/50 making sure to get the entire cavity filled.

Use a knife to cut away the excess 50/50.  Be careful around your fingers.  

Gently pull back the 50/50 as you are cutting.

Once removed clean up the back surface pressing any stray 50/50 back into the cavity and cleaning the edge.  

Depending on the medium used -- at this point you may wish to place the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to set the item which helps to avoid distortion when removing from the mold cavity.

Invert and flex the mold to remove the gear.  If using chocolate be careful on the flexing to avoid breakage. 

Tap the gear back into shape!

You can use the same application of molds for many different looks.  

DTC Products Used:

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Check out more of Amber's cakes on her website!  Sweet Arts Creations, LLC

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