Thursday, August 15, 2013

Of Corset's Lace!

My neighbor asked me to make her a corset cake for a bachelorette party.  Of course, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use two of DTC's newest lace molds.

What you will need - some fondant (or gumpaste or 50/50 or medium of your choice), a palette knife, rolling pin and lace mold.  You can use pasta roller if you wish but since I didn't have much to do I just rolled mine out.

When I rolled out the fondant I made sure it was large enough by laying the insert on top of my rolled piece.

Next lay the fondant on top of the mold and place the lace insert piece on top.  I then apply gentle pressure tot he back side with one hand as I remove the excess fondant with my palette knife. This step going pretty quick.

Next I removed the lace insert piece and clean up my edges while it is still in the mold cavity.  Once cleaned up you may wish to back it with the insert one more time and apply gentle pressure.

Then flip the mold over and gently begin to roll back the mold off the fondant lace piece.  I held the fondant down with the one hand will removing the mold with the other.

You may then use the palette knife to do any additional clean up you need.  With this piece I didn't need much.

Of course before placing on your cake you must play with the lace a bit and make fun designs.  

I used a just a swipe of water to attach the lace to my cake.  Here are a few close ups of the lace designs.

Using the Italian Lace Floral mold and the light purple fondant I created the lace design down the middle of the corset.

Full lace piece

Showing sections that I cut apart.

Then I turned the cut sections and over lapped them on the cake.

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