Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let's get Corny!

I was attending the Missouri ICES Day of Sharing this last April when Laura White did a demo on a crab boil cake.  She started to show how to make the corn on the cob.  She mentioned that you should charge a lot if they want corn because they are difficult to make.  She then took a tiny oval cutter and started cutting out little corn pieces to attach for the cob.

Obviously my mind was working over time trying to decide if I could make a texture mat to ease the process.  It took me several attempts to get one that I could share with you.

Here is how hard it to make some corn!

I took some yellow fondant and white fondant -- added a touch of tylose to each -- unfortunately I do not measure the tylose.  You can also use gumpaste, 50/50 (50% gumpaste/50% fondant), candy clay, etc.  You will just want something that can hold its shape and not smoosh flat while drying.

I used about 60:40 ratio of yellow:white fondant/gumpaste.  Slightly mix and marble the colors together.
 Form the resulting marbled fondant into a corn cob shape.

Lay the log onto the DTC Corn Texture Mat and roll it up in the mat.

Give the tube some gentle even pressure making sure to maintain the log/corn cob shape.

Unroll.  How does my corn look?

Let me know what you think about Decorate the Cake's new Corn Texture Mat.

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Corn Texture Mat


  1. Sandy Swart aka sewsweet2August 29, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    This corn is just as a real looking in person as in the photo. Glenda demonstrated her corn texture mat to us in July. It is a amazing and so easy to do! Love that Glenda and what she can do at

  2. LOVE IT! Yep, I saw the first prototypes and it looks very realistic.

  3. Love this mat can not wait to buy one