Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Are you ready to be Frosty?

Maybe thinking some frosty thoughts will cool us off from these soaring temperatures!

The supplies I used. The Lindt Lindor truffles and Ferrara Chocolate Orange (or other flavor) make perfect centers for snowballs and the top of the snowman hat while providing a yummy surprise.

Using the pearls texture mat to texture fondant to cover the cakes, board and chocolate.

Lift mold off fondant to avoid distortion.

Cover items and form around the balls.  Save scraps to fill in gaps on the larger items to cover.

If needed, cut around and piece them as you go.
Cover it all in a light dusting of super pearl. I used super pearl from The Sugar Art. 

Use the knit mat for a scarf and hat!

For the scarf, I cut and pieced together red and white for the pattern. 

Following the steps from the Let's Get Corny blog make a short corn cob pipe.  I thinned down some brown airbrush color to paint the pipe, then wiped it off so it stayed in the crevices.  Paint the center of the pipe dark.  Use Sugar Gypsy's border 4 mold to make the coal eyes and mouth.  Then mold a simple cone of orange, cut some lines on it and you have a nose!

Add a few buttons down his belly.

The cake board. Adding the super pearl really adds to the design.

DTC Products Used:
Texture Mat Lg - Knit
Texture Mat Lg - Pearls
Texture Mat Lg2 - Corn

Sugar Gypsy Border 4

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