Thursday, August 5, 2010

Defy Gravity

There was a request to explain how the floating collar works.

The first step is to make your collar. You can use many different mediums -- gumpaste, fondant, pastillage, color flow, royal icing -- just choose one you like. For the project shown I used fondant mixed with some tylose to get it to dry quickly. Leave the collar on a flat surface until completely dry and hard.

Once you are able to handle the piece prop it up above the cake. You can use many different items to prop the collar - I like to use makeup sponges that I have cut in half. You can see the sponges placed around the collar to hold it above the cake.

Mix up a batch of royal -- I typically do this with a fresh egg white and slowly add powdered sugar to get the consistency that works for me. I also add a pinch of gum trag and a drop of glucose.
I run the royal icing through a bit of hosiery to ensure there are no lumps that will clog in the tip. Place a tablespoon or two into a small piping bag with a small round tip (I think I used a PME 0). Start the string on the collar and gently squeeze the bag drawing your string to the top of the cake. Continue making strings around the collar skipping the spaces where sponges are located.

Once the strings are dry -- my first string will be dry well before I got all round the cake. Simply remove the sponges and fill in the gaps. Some designs leave the gaps open. Be creative!

I hope these directions help. Feel free to ask questions. Send me pics of your collars - I would love to see them!

Original post with finished cake: Click here


Product Used:
Trim-Braided: Lace Piece

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