Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Glenda Stockwell created a stargazer lily using our veiners,stamen molds and cutters.

Using the multi stamen mold I created the stamen bundle in the middle of the flower. First was the tri-lobed cavity for the center - this is added to the end of a gumpaste covered wire. Then the long slender cavity for the outside stamens. These were allowed to dry overnight before taping the wires together.

Next I cut 3 large and 3 small petals using the stargazer lily cutters. I softened the edges with a ball tool then used the stargazer lily veiner to get some details. The petals were draped over some foil to set up slightly. When they were able to hold their shape I assembled the flower. I took a plastic cup and covered it in foil. Lay the smaller petals down evenly spaced using a touch of gum glue to get them to stick together. Position the larger petals between the smaller - again using gum glue. Poke the wire for the center bundle down into the center. Using cotton lift and position the petals to give a more natural position.

Once fully dry use petal dust to color the flower.

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